The Contents

The Minamata Studies archive contains the collected materials of over one hundred groups and people related to Minamata Studies. It includes literature, visual materials and documents. They have been released in order to invoke memories and to help us to learn and understand some of the activities regarding Minamata Studies. This collection is part of the database project of Minamata Studies.

The archive has six parts: oral evidence, history, nature, education, records, and future. They are curated database including videos and photos which the Center has created as public viewing materials. They have been edited and posted online. As for the video data of interviews, you can enjoy either full or abbreviated versions. The data will be updated sequentially and will be available free of charge for viewing purposes.

This project has been supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results of 2014 fiscal year: No. 268016) and as a research project in the humanities funded by The Mitsubishi Foundation (2014-6 fiscal year) as well as receiving generous support from Kumamoto Gakuen University.