Join the Struggle (supporters and researchers)

In his book, “Minamata ga Utsusu Sekai” published by Nihon Hyoronsha, pp. 25-26, Dr. Masazumi Harada wrote, “Among people there existed discrimination against the factory workers, the farmers and the fishermen. Finally, the weak, the patients who had the most serious damages became the ultimate target for discrimination. The 30-year struggle for Minamata disease is for the restoration of their rights.” In Minamata, the patients were isolated. It can be said that the battles after these first suits were seeking their human rights.
Some citizens stood up to support the Minamata disease patients, and then the labor union of Chisso announced a declaration of shame in 1968. In the first suits, these citizens took the patients’ side and started bringing the company to trial. There was a lot of encouragement and support. Additionally, some people imagined themselves in the shoes of the patients and listened to their stories, conducting research activities in Minamata.
The supporters, the researchers, the factory workers and the lawyers have struggled with Chisso, the company that caused the pollution, Kumamoto prefecture, and the government. Here you can hear their words on video. Through the interviews we offer you an opportunity to think what “neutrality” is.