Group 8 mm of the Shin-Nihon Chisso Labor Union

The Center received relevant materials to the Minamata incidents from the Shin-Nihon Chisso Labor Union belonging to Chisso, the company which caused Minamata disease. The union stored them at the On-site Study Center for Minamata Studies in Minamata city. We have proceeded to organize them, made a database of them, and have been publishing on our homepage.
Among these archival materials such as documents, pictures and goods, the 8mm films by Group 8 mm are the very special and valuable record which can illustrate the union’s 60-year history.
We additionally published two films named “A World without anger” and “Hold hands with the patients in Niigata and Minamata” here. The original films themselves have no sound and used to be operated with some explanatory narration by cassette tapes, but now you can enjoy versions with both video and sound.


  • 1966年メーデー記録
  • 1966年拠点対抗駅伝競走
  • 1967年第5回団結大運動会
  • 戦華
  • がんばろう
  • 団結人形